So, lets start this now!  Things in my life have changed quite a bit and luckily I took the opportunity to head back to school.  New Media Campus taught me a small amount of what I need to know but they didn't offer me a chance to actually see the industry and be taught by industry professionals.  That is where my new school comes in!  The Think Tank Training Center in Vancouver, BC.  After doing tons of research and emailing some current and past graduates, the choice to apply was easy.  I applied about 2 months ago and luckily someone had dropped out and left one spot open for the February semester.  Fate, as my mother called it.

I start on February 14 and I am very excited.  I have a place, a list of things I need to move and a GPS system that my dad got me.  As much as I wouldn't mind getting lost in BC, I still need to know where I am going I guess.  In my flurry of preparation my mother reminded me that I should probably do some drawing before I head off to school.  Over the last couple months I have done just that.  Now I am no pro at the pencil to paper art but I think I did not too bad.  Here is one of the first, better ones, I posted on DeviantArt.

Yes, it is a zombie.  A recreation of a picture my mom found on the internet.  I did a few other sketches before this one but I will just say that the reference I used wasn't so good.  Yeah, we will stick to that.

I have been told that I should keep track of my progress through this new adventure in my life so that is what this blog is all about.  I am going to be updating my blog as often as I can with what I am working on and how awesome Vancouver is compared to anywhere in Saskatchewan.  Should be easy enough.

This is Cougan signing off.  I need to come up with some kind of departing wisdom but I don't think that will happen.