So I have no real excuse as to why I have not updated my blog other than I have been working more than I would like.  It would be much easier if work was 3D but for now I will stick to my guns and continue on the path I have set out for myself.

I am currently working for a company called DigitalFlux Entertainment on an MMO called "Epic Frontiers".  I have done a few buildings so far and I am currently working on a smaller creature.  I like having the chance to work with creative minds as well as working within a certain art style and poly count.  It helps me exercise my skills in a different way and learn from others.  The networking aspect is excellent and hopefully it will help me meet others with whom I can work with in the future.

In the world of my own creations I am currently focused on an Unreal 3 Map.  Currently called, "Freeway Level", is a post apocolyptic, zombies just took over, style of map.  I will soon be laying out the UVs for this creation and getting it ready for texturing and then exporting for the Unreal 3 Engine.  There is no time frame as of now but I spend as much time as I have on it.

Here is a little teaser but you can check out a few more shots in my current projects.

I will be posting here more often as I work on my projects and deal with the trials and tribulations of getting into the gaming industry.  I've been told to keep at it and do as much as I can and that is what I intend to do.  It is my dream and passion and I hope one day soon I will be able to get myself in with an established company and learn from the professionals.  Its just a matter of getting in.