Well as much as I hate to come back to work after such a relaxing vacation, here I am.  I didn't take my computer with me so there was no 3D to be had, but it gave me a chance to read a couple books and hang out with family without feeling the guilt of not sittin down at the comp and busting out some 3D.

I am back at it now at work and on my 3D.  I hope to have alot more of my level finished by the end of this week but I do still have to catch up on some work that had gone untouched over my 2 week holiday.  Still, I should be able to produce somethin.  Also, I will be talkin levels with the guys this week as well so hopefully I can keep busy.

Alrighty, the next time I post, it should be along with some new screenshots of my Waterworld Unreal Level.